Why Customers Choose Web Of Picasso Over Alternatives

When you get better support, your company achieves more. Unlike other virtual assistant providers who simply match you with pre-vetted individuals, we’re a managed service with a proactive, “can-do” culture.

We back each of our assistants with an Engagement Manager, backup support, management and training teams, and enterprise-level security.

We onboard every Web Of Picasso assistant and provide them with behind-the-scenes support so you get highly trained people who quickly integrate into your workflow and systems.

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Expect More. Web Of Picasso’s Approach Gives You:

Best Practices

Developed from 50k+ hours of experience


Back-up assistants ensure that you never lose a day


An Engagement Manager that consistently optimizes your support

Finding an exceptional assistant was expensive and complicated. Until now.

Web Of Picasso, best virtual assistant service

The Web Of Picasso Difference

A great assistant can work "magic" - you'll find plenty of magic here.

Every day our assistants solve problems, work a little magic and perform mini-miracles - all in the name of saving our clients time.

To find the best assistants, we work tirelessly selecting, assessing and interviewing - demanding exceptional traits and experience.

We're so thorough that 98% don't make it in. Those that do have an average of 12 years experience in fantastic companies like AOL, Apple and Virgin.

We're proud to have long-lasting relationships with our assistants, many of whom have been with us for years.

What we look for in our virtual assistants

Our selection criteria are designed by extensive research, based on the best practices. Only exceptional assistants make it through.

Key traits

We look for exceptional traits including problem solving skills, accountability and reliability.


We test for integrity, positive attitude, well-managed ego and assertiveness.


We carefully asses each assistant's education and prefer a college education.


We require a minimum of 5-8 years of relevant experience in our assistants.

We require strong written English skills and assess spelling and grammar.


We look for strong verbal and written communication skills on both a formal and casual basis.

Software experience

We look for specific software experience including Outlook, Gmail, Google Apps and Microsoft office.


We require all our assistants to be generally tech-savvy and comfortable learning new tech.

Environment and equipment

Our assistants must meet minimum requirements such as a quiet work environment.

Why we attract the best assistants

Our virtual assistants love their work

The reputation we've built since 2015 means many of the best assistants choose to work with us over anyone else.

Our assistants love being able to use their skills and experience on a flexible basis, working from home.

They value being able to balance their work with family life. In return, they're self-motivated, happy in their work and determined to assist you in achieving more.

Web Of Picasso, best virtual assistant service
When it comes to selecting the best assistants, no stone is left unturned.

How we screen and select assistants, step by step

Our unique software, developed over many years, is fine-tuned to spot assistants with high potential, as well as checking basic requirements such as working environment and availability.

At this stage we look for minimum levels of experience, good grammar and for candidates who are looking to work as an assistant for the long-term.

Each candidate must pass a wide range of tests and assessments to ensure suitability. In addition we also screen against disclosed convictions and bankruptcy.

The tests range from practical (including mock scenario testing, spelling and communication assessments) to personality and psychometric tests.

Next, our team reviews each application and assess whether the candidate should proceed further.

Our team has years of experience assessing and working with assistants and use their extensive knowledge and expertise to look for exceptional candidates.

For those candidates that pass our assessment, a comprehensive video interview with our team is next.

As well as getting to know the candidate, we take great care during video interviews to probe the suitability of the candidate as well as verifying information provided during the application.

If the candidate is successful at the video interview stage, they proceed to our verification process.

We use identity checking service Passbase to verify the identity and address of our assistants. Passbase uses sophisticated live video techniques and databases of thousands of government IDs to verify identity in a secure and compliant way.

Provided that the candidate passes our verification stage, they are now formally on-boarded into the service as an assistant.

During on-boarding the assistant is shown what to expect and how to get started. They'll soon start to work with their first client.

Our assistants are expected to uphold and perform to our standards on an ongoing basis.

We monitor individual performance, quality of work, ratings and responsiveness to ensure that each assistant provides a high level of service to their clients.

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